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    Chilly Heat Ltd is a customer focused user friendly company built around making the Installation of Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Chilly Heat Ltd staff are professional, knowledgeable and most importantly friendly, these characteristics help us to continually maintain the fantastic name we have in our industry, a name we are very proud of.

    Why are our prices so competitive?

    Every year we install hundreds of Heat Pump Air Conditioning systems. Each professionally installed heating and cooling solution is guaranteed to come with 2 things, high customer satisfaction - low installation price. As a direct result of the large volume of installations we carry out we have negotiated the best supply rates. Our suppliers offer us massive purchasing discounts on Air Conditioning systems and installation materials and we pass these discounts directly to our customers. We keep true to our ‘little and often’ approach to Air Conditioning installations and maintain our industry leading standards.

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