Commercial premises are often poorly insulated and tend to be very cold in winter or far too hot in the summer. We try to solve the problem of being to hot by opening windows and doors but then create a security risk or the potential for noise pollution. Heating isn’t much easier, especially when staff are found congregated around the warm spots traditional heating creates resulting in a loss of productivity.  Heating and cooling of commercial premises has never been easy however with Air Conditioning an affordable solution can be found.

Air Conditioning works on the basic principle of passing air over a coil heating or cooling the air more on ever pass. Unfortunately Air Conditioning will never reach the required temperature if operated incorrectly, doors and window should never be left open therefore any security risks or noise are eliminated. When installed and operated correctly Air Conditioning will provide a constant and even temperature and when used as the primary source of heating Air Conditioning can offer as much as a 75% saving from traditional types of heating such as gas unit heaters and radiant tubes.

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