Domestic air conditioning and comfort cooling systems are becoming increasingly popular as people demand cleaner, fresher air in their homes all year round. With summers getting warmer and winters colder Air Conditioning is now accepted as vital addition to an over warm conservatory, uncomfortable bedroom or attic space. Chilly Heat install many systems into home offices predominantly for use in the cold winter months. When comparing the running costs of a single Air Conditioning system providing local heating to a home office v’s a traditional radiator system heating the whole house and unoccupied rooms the cost saving is significant.  As a guideline modern Air Conditioning systems can generate the equivalent of between £3 -£4 worth of heat for every £1 of electricity often making them 75% cheaper to run than traditional forms of heating.

All the air conditioning systems we sell at Chilly Heat are super-efficient Heat Pumps delivering both heating and cooling they therefore qualify for reduced domestic rate VAT @ 5%.

Systems can be wall, floor, ceiling mounted or ceiling suspended and are extremely quiet. Our sister company Maydan Climate Control offer bespoke climate control solutions that are virtually unseen and unheard, these systems are perfect for home cinemas and gyms and can deliver a constant, even, draft free temperature to within +1 or -1 degree anywhere in the room.

With Chilly Heat Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems, you can have clean air efficiently, economically and unobtrusively!