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The Feed-In Tariff

The feed-in tariff is a government-backed scheme that gives financial rewards to households who generate their own green electricity.

Why? Because the government would like to reduce the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels, and increase our use of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. By offering payments to those who invest in renewable technology at home, it gives a financial incentive as well as an environmental one.

For small home systems the current rate is 21p for every unit (or kWh) of energy you generate. The payments are tax-free*, increase in line with inflation and are guaranteed for 25 years.

In fact, the financial benefits are so good many people are choosing to install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems as an alternative to investing their money with a bank or building society. Systems can give returns of up to 9.5%, so it’s a great investment.

How does it work?

If you have a solar PV system installed at home, you’ll benefit in three ways:

You’ll get paid for all the electricity you produce. This is called the generation tariff. Your energy supplier will pay you a set rate (21p for systems below 4kWp) for every kWh you generate, even if you use it in your home.

You’ll get extra payment for the electricity you don’t use. Also known as the export tariff. You probably won’t use all the energy you generate, so what’s left over will be exported into the grid. Your electricity provider will pay you an extra 3.1p for every unit. Most suppliers can’t meter this, so they assume you’ll use half the units you produce and pay you for the rest.

You’ll reduce your energy bills. Electricity generated by your solar panels feeds directly into your house, so it will power any appliances you use during daylight hours. Because the value of the energy you use will increase as electricity prices rise, your income will increase over the 25 years of the scheme.

Generation tariff + Export tariff + Bill savings = Annual benefit


A well-designed 3.9kWp system will receive feed-in tariff (generation and export tariff) payments of £755 a year, and save £218 a year on electricity bills. The system costs £10,500 to install, so it gets a return on investment of 9.27%.

Tariff rates at a glance

The feed-in tariff is available for businesses as well as homes, and the amount you’ll receive depends on the size of your system

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