The Air Conditioning systems we offer at Chilly Heat are all super-efficient Heat Pumps also known as reverse cycle Air Conditioning systems.

In brief traditional cooling only Air Conditioning systems, (similar to those we associate with the continent) run refrigerant in a single direction using the indoor unit (or evaporator) to absorb the heat in a room – Imagine the indoor unit to be like a sponge. The heat absorbed by the evaporator (or “the sponge”) is transferred to the outdoor unit (or condenser) via interconnecting pipe work and “wrung out” this continual process –absorbing heat and ringing out creates the cooling effect and is the basis of Air Conditioning – Taking heat from one place and transferring it somewhere else.

A Heat Pump or reverse cycle system takes a traditional cooling only system with the addition of a reversing valve so the refrigerant flow becomes multi directional. When sending the system in the opposite direction the outdoor unit or condenser (where the heat absorbed inside was wrung out) is now the place where the heat is absorbed or the “sponge”, the indoor unit that was once the sponge is where the heat absorbed from the outside air is rang out.

Heat Pumps have a COP ratio or Coefficients of Performance that help us to work out how efficient they are, the higher the COP the more efficient the system is.

E.G – A Heat Pump with a COP of 4 means for every 1 kW of electricity you put into the Heat Pump 4kW of heat is generated. Heat pumps absorb free heat energy in the ambient temperature so are a very economical way to deliver heat to a space.